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Stone tools and artefacts have been found in Madai and Baturong caves and in the archaeological site in Lake Tingkayu near the district of Kunak which were estimated to date back from 28,000โ€“17,000 years ago.

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Because he's not a Muslim, Sabah hides their friendship from her family. See more ยป Let's face it: SABAH, a joyous feature concerning a Toronto Muslim woman discovering romance for the first time is everything MY BIG FAT OVERRATED Greek WEDDING should have been: hilariously funny, deeply moving, intensely profound, and wonderfully romantic- and I say this as a thirty-something male who doesn't normally like romantic comedies. Bu she's feeling the pressure of having to take care of her elderly mother, all the while trying to live up to the dogmatic standards of her overly protective brother Majid (Jeff Seymour).

Taking a break from tradition, Sabah decides to go for a dip in a nearby public swimming pool.

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Needless to say, East meets West, as it does in other culture-clash comedies, such as DOUBLE HAPPINESS, BEND IT LIKE BECKMAN, and A TOUCH OF PINK.

Sabah became a protectorate of the United Kingdom in 1888 and subsequently became a crown colony until 1963, during which time it was known as North Borneo.

On 16 September 1963, Sabah merged with Malaya, Sarawak and Singapore (left in 1965) to form the Federation of Malaysia.

The island of Borneo, which comprises territories of Indonesia and Malaysia as well as the entire nation of Brunei, is a large landmass in the south Pacific Ocean between Southeast Asia and Australia.

A tourist destination as renowned for its beaches as for its rain forests and mountain ranges, Borneo is also home to the metropolis of Kota Kinabalu, capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah.