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Shipley Spurs wore by Sheriff John Ford Edwards of Bossier Parish Louisiana.

Below birds are silver forms stamped with leaf designs.

All I've gathered is that the cantle is much lower than in most western saddles that I've seen. I'm about to shoot an email to Tex Tan and see if I get any help there, but I thought I might luck out and find someone familiar with their serial numbers.

This one is located behind the cantle and reads 1307 on the top line, and 1066-85488 on the lower line.

Western saddles have a rich history and tradition and no saddles can tell those stories better than antique saddles.I got this Tex Tan Hereford saddle off of ebay, and I'm not very knowledgeable on western riding.I can't tell all the subtle differences like I can English, so please help me identify what style it is! My ferrets reside in this room, and they got into their litter and had a field day. Also, I would like to use the serial number to get info on the saddle.With a few clicks you can find horses for sale in your area, or find horses for sale by breeding, training, discipline or color.No matter what type or discipline of horse you want to buy or sell, such as Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Paint, Appaloosa, Draft or Ranch Horse, Rope Horse, Reining Horse Cutting Horse, Reined Cow Horse or Ranch Versatility Horse, you can find them at Ranch World Ads. Most websites have thousands of horses for sale, with no direct focus on style or discipline. These poker games could be found in just about every saloon in every frontier town of the old west. 50 1836 to 1986 Texas Sesquicentennial cased 24kt gold Colt Single Action Revolver in mint condition only 1000 made. Colt Root has ivory grips playing cards ivory dice game ivory handle push dagger powder flask cap tin and mold. p.o.r Very rare double rowell double mounted Crockett spurs with copper and silver overlay. Charles Robert Starrett was an American actor best known for his starring role in the Durango Kid western series. Spurs are in great conditon and this pattern very hard to come by. The treads are pricked for traction in a decorative pattern. If you have a crockett spur book it will show you these spurs. It reads PRESENTED TO WILLIAM ALEXANDEER THOMAS ESQ’R BY THE OFFICER’S, MINERS, & MECHANICS OF THE ARVA MINES.