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This production was seen by Steven Spielberg, who later cast Lewis as Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, the first role of several that required him to have a credible American accent.On the heels of this role, he starred in Keane as a Manhattanite with a fragile mental state who is searching for his missing daughter.Then, in the presence of an A-list crowd, including Leonardo Di Caprio, Heidi Klum and Richard Gere, at an after-show party, he continued the festivities, bopping manically with his actress wife Helen Mc Crory to a series of rock 'n' roll numbers.But who could blame 41-year-old London-born Damian for wanting to celebrate?it’s not a rule, I just miss him when he is not there babbling to me for hours. But Mc Crory also believes she can play much younger women: ‘Instead of that dysmorphia where women look in the mirror, and the size 14 woman sees herself as size 22 because she has no self-esteem, I’m the other way around.I go, “That 17-year-old, tall woman staring back is lovely. Interview by Liz Hoggard "Ask him about that intense thing he does with his eyes," a female journalist suggested when she heard I was interviewing the actor Damian Lewis.The press love to brand Lewis as an arrogant posh boy. But, among his generation of actors, no one does grief and repressed emotion so well.

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Just like every husband wants to feel their wife is attractive,’ she says, perched at the bar of a London members’ club in high black boots and a black high-necked fitted dress with a sexy split in the skirt. She’s appeared in two Harry Potter films, starred opposite 007 as MP Clair Dowar in Skyfall, played Cherie Blair in two films, and she’ll take to the stage of the National again next month in Terence Rattigan’s The Deep Blue Sea.

Does she have anything like the three-week rule, where no matter where she and Lewis are in the world they have to see each other?

‘No, but we try to see each other as much as possible… It’s constant until your ears bleed.’At 47, two years older than Lewis, she revels in her role as the tough-as-old-boots matriarch Aunt Polly, who keeps up with the boys both in the bar and on the mean streets of Birmingham, while taking care of business when the men were in the trenches during WWI.

In Spielberg's Second World War epic, Band of Brothers, he played an American soldier facing up to fear with a quiet certainty (it won him a Golden Globe nomination).

He was the bewildered newlywed who doesn't understand why his marriage is falling apart in Hearts and Bones.