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Redating the exodus bimson

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, the individual times of the biblical events can be added together to arrive at the number of years between a 1552 Exodus and the 968 Temple foundation.

Actual years are often added at one less than the time given in Scripture because the last year of a prior event overlaps the first year of the following event; this eliminates counting the same year twice. Eli's first year as judge is presumed to be in the same year as the last of the Philistine servitude.

Tamar is one of the few sites where volunteers can dig for a single day.

The references to Arad, Hormah, and the Way of the Atharim have provided biblical historians, geographers, and archaeologists considerable difficulties.

2650 b.c., but then remained unoccupied until the early Israelite monarchy.1 Since no remains exist that might be identified with this Arad in the latter part of the Late Bronze Age (or early Iron I), many modern commentators have taken the reference to a King of Arad as a later gloss in the text based on Josh .2 Alternative suggestions have been made to solve this dilemma.

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Rohl's most vocal critic has been Kenneth Kitchen, one of the leading experts on biblical history and the author of the standard work on the conventional chronology of the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt, the period most directly affected by the New Chronology's redating of the Nineteenth to Twenty-fifth Dynasties.

Rohl asserts that this would permit scholars to identify some of the major events in the Hebrew Bible with events in the archaeological record and identify some of the well-known biblical characters with historical figures who appear in contemporary ancient texts.

Lowering the Egyptian dates also dramatically affects the dating of dependent chronologies, such as that currently employed for the Greek Heroic Age of the Late Bronze Age, removing the Greek Dark Ages and lowering the dates of the Trojan War to within a couple of generations of a ninth-century-BC Homer and his most famous composition: the Iliad.

The search for an historical Exodus has been stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. That time period fails for lack of archaeological support and still does not resolve the biblical accounts. But how many years was it from the Temple foundation back to the Exodus?

The evidence dug from the rocks has led archaeologists to date the event from the thirteenth century B. There is a solution, however, that supports the inerrancy of Scripture and satisfies accepted archaeology and established history. It was more than the three hundred years to the reign of Ramses II, which is the usual archaeological solution.